What support and resources are available to affiliates?

What support and resources are available to affiliates?

We offer extensive support to our affiliates, including dedicated email and phone support. Additionally, we provide a suite of marketing resources such as banners, ad copies, and promotional content to assist in your marketing efforts.

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    • What makes your affiliate program different from others?

      Our affiliate program stands out due to our competitive commission rates, a wide range of products to promote, and a strong focus on partner success. We offer robust support and resources to help our affiliates succeed.
    • Who do I contact for more information or help?

      For additional information or assistance, our affiliate support team can be reached via email at support@fastkey.com. A dedicated affiliate manager is also available to address any program-specific inquiries or support needs.
    • When and how are commissions paid?

      Commissions are paid on a monthly basis to ensure our partners receive their earnings promptly. Our current payment method to pay affiliates commission is PayPal. Affiliates must reach a minimum payout threshold before payments are processed.
    • Can I promote any product or service?

      Affiliates are encouraged to promote any product or service within our catalog. However, we reserve the right to restrict promotions for specific items based on inventory, strategic decisions, or regulatory compliance.